Give me some sunshine… Give me some rain…

Date : 22nd September 2010,  around 2 pm.

Location: Shinhgadh, Maharashtra, India.

I had holiday because of Ganesh Chaturthi , So I planned to go out with some friends (Me, Prashant, Shailja, Sejal and Shweta) for long drive. Sinhgadh is very ideal location for long drive as it is just 30km away from Pune and located on Hill.  Last time I went to Sinhgadh for trekking, but this time we went directly to Sinhgadh on bike by road. Sinhgadh is very big Shivajj’s fort, last time when I visited I did not go to every spot of this fort due to lack of time. But today we decided that we will find every corner of this fort. There is one corner of Sinhgadh where we can see whole Pune and Khadakwasala dam together. It was awesome place. We sit there and had a Gup-Sup for long time. During this period we took many pictures in group and did many experiments with photography.  I caught this shot using timer, I would say luckily. 🙂

When I saw this photograph after coming back to home, first line came into my mind was “Give me some sunshine… Give me some rain…  Give me some another chance, wanna grownup once again…  :)”


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Deepak Parmar
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5 Responses to Give me some sunshine… Give me some rain…

  1. Maninder says:

    Deepak this is best one in ur collection , keep it up ur doing good job.

  2. Vijay says:

    The thought is gr8, 5 guys awaiting sunshine while the dawn is still dark. . . This one really has a deep meaning to it.

    Deepak rocks. . .

  3. No need name says:

    Happy Birth day… 5th Oct….
    Wishing u many many happy returns of the day….

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