The Last Day

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Few months back I had a long weekend. So I had been to my home town ahmedabad. It was around 4 pm when I was watching a documentry program about Gandhiji on T.V. After watching the program I went to kitchen to drink some water. Suddenly I realized something shocking: I had not visited Sabarmati Ashram so far :(, even though I have been living in Ahmedabad from last 15 years. Forget about Ahmedabad I had never been out side Gujarat until I became 24 years old except for a couple of tours. Another shocking part was that my house is just around 2 km away from Sabarmati Ashram :(. Thats it… I decided to visit Ashram that day only. I took my camera and decided to go Ashram by walk.

Sabarmati Ashram is located at bank of Sabarmati river , Its quite obvious :), We dont need to pay anything to visit Ashram, its free. This is something I liked being gujarati :). When I entered the Ashram, I saw a photo galary on the left hand side which is newly constructed, and actual old Ashram is on the right hand side where we can see Gandhiji’s house, Kashturba’s house (Gandhiji’s Wife), Vinoba bhave’s house and couple of more people’s house whose name I have forgotten. Photo galary is actually a kind of biography about Gandhiji. There is one small garden and one Gandhiji statue is located just beside Photo galary. Another amazing thing about Sabarmati Ashram is you will feel pin drop silence, no noise. even though so many people visit Ashram every day, this is might be because people would be influenced by Gandhij as soon as they enters into Ashram :). I spent around 1.30 hours in Ashram, by the time i decided to go home it was around 6:30.

While coming from Sabarmati Ashram to my house we have to cross one bridge which is newly constructed couple of years back. When i reached to that bridge i looked towards sky. Sky was cloudy and redish because of sunset that happended just 1-2 min before. Whole picture was so beautiful and at same time bit scary. I felt like someone had blasted nuclear bomb and world was going to end that day. I took many photographs over there, and above one is one of them. Thats why i have named this photograph “The Last Day”.

Date: 6th December, 2010


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Deepak Parmar
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8 Responses to The Last Day

  1. Daggy says:

    looks like the judgment day

  2. amit says:

    Well Said Bro. Nice Pic

  3. indravadan says:

    Very Nice snap Deepu…. keep it up!!!

  4. Keyur says:

    I need to visit this ashram too… Let’s see when can I go….. I know I should do it now but I can’t…….

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