Just Keep Walking…

I love to travel, visit different location and know different culture. Since when I came to Pune I have been fall in love with trekking. Trekking is amazing thing to do. It feels so good when we climb from one obstacle to another and at last win over mountain. It’s giving us feeling like we have conquered big fort or country. I think, we can compare trekking with life. We do same thing in life as we do in trekking and outcome is also same. At Last what we get? … Silence and Peace … 🙂

Rajgadh, 45-50 KM away from Pune. This is the best and the dangerous trekking place I have experienced so far.  Few months before I went to Rajgadh on bike for trekking with friends [Prashant, Pranab, Viru and Atish].  By the time when we reached to Rajgadh it was around 12 pm. We parked our bikes at one parking stand and purchased wafers, fruitee and drinking water from one small stall before trekking.  Just when we started trekking my friend Pranab told us “we have to reach Rajgadh before 2  pm”. Pranab was in full confidence, adrenaline was running fast in his every vein and he was repeating that statement after every 10 minutes 🙂 .  We told him “Cool down dude, we will, take it easy”.  We had just trekked around half hour and Atish dropped his sword. He said I am tired and can’t go further.  We tried to convince him that you can do it. But he had already made his mind.  He went back to Pune and we again started our journey. But Pranab was still in full form and he again repeated his statement “We have to reach Rajgadh before 2 pm”, we all gave him big smile 🙂 .

Because influence of Adrenaline and Pranab’s the motivation statement, we lost 🙂 . Yeh… Really…  And that we came to know when we reached at the dead end.  After whatever happened is a history and BIG story. I will tell later whenever I will publish any photograph from Rajgadh trip, because I will have to write two-three pages 🙂 .

I caught this photograph during this journey. I wanted to frame such photograph and that’s why I was walking behind friends. I do believe we should enjoy only journey instead of thinking much about outcome. Normally whenever we achieve something we start planning to achieve something else. But we forget to enjoy journey. A journey which teach us so much.  So friends … Just Keep Walking… and …enjoy journey first… 🙂

One of my gujarati Gazal’s Sher which I wrote long back:

ફરે રાખ્યો અજાણી શોધમાં વરસો – વરસ  ત્યારે,
પડી ખબર મુંજને છેલ્લે, રસ્તોજ મજલ ખરી, દોસ્તો,

Date: 12/12/2010


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8 Responses to Just Keep Walking…

  1. Jatin Parmar says:

    Nice pic dear…

  2. Anup says:

    Amazing grab , loved it @ first sight 🙂

  3. indravadan says:

    Now I have to say that Deepu you are very Good Creative Photographer, I hope you KEEP WALKING ahead.. best of luck

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