The Ray of Hope

To be continued…( Please read post “Just keep walking” first )

As I said before, we lost Rajgadh track and reached the place where we couldn’t go further. Now we started looking around to find actual track. When we couldn’t find anything then we realized that we can only find actual way if we go back. But we thought lest shout for help, if anyone will hear our voice then we may not need to go back because we even didn’t know from which point we lost track. So we started shouting for help.  After shouting couple of minute someone responded, we looked around but couldn’t find direction from where voice was coming. When we looked up where we saw one village man standing on top of hill and we were looking to him from the bottom of that hill. We again asked him for help, then he said this Hill is not easy to climb, to find actual path we had to go back.

At first moment we all started going back, but then we all looked at each other and cruel spark lighten in our eyes.  We all decided that lets climb hill instead of going back. We thought we can easily climb as it was not so big. Initially we started climbing hill easily without any problem because half part of that hill was almost flat. But when we completed that half part we reached at very dangerous part of that hill. This section was having 60 angle straight climbing, even though we took chance.  We couldn’t find anything to hold but we were still climbing by transferring our weight in front using our leg.  By using this technique, speed and woodland shoes I reached to top of the hill 🙂 . I waited for sometime but other friends are still there where I saw last time. They couldn’t move one step because they were struggling to find something to hold. One friend find one stone to hold but unfortunately it was came out and started rolling towards valley of Rajgad. All three friends were looking rolling stone with scary smile, stone was directly fall into valley of Rajgad, and somewhere they started thinking whether they will be managed to come out from this situation or not. I couldn’t see properly what is happening there because of sniff slop. At last they managed to come out, I don’t know how they did it, but did it. When all friends reached on top of the hill, we all started shouting with anger.  We enjoyed this victory moment by having fruitee and clicked many snaps of that place 🙂 . We entered into Rajgad via “Chor Darwaja”. Padmavati Machi is main place of the fort. The Padmavati temple, lake and two houses on the machi are important places to watch for. The temple is very old and the only place to rest for the trekkers.

This photograph is one of the entry gates of Padmavati lake. I like this photograph because it is giving me feeling of keep hoping all the time. I didn’t want to post this photograph but i thought its good to start new year with hope 🙂 .  In any condition we should be hopeful.  A hope which gives us reason to live. So let’s start this new year with hope….. Hoping to be happy… Hoping to be remained positive and hoping to be accomplished our dreams …. 🙂

Happy New Year!!!

Date: 03/01/2011


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4 Responses to The Ray of Hope

  1. Dipti says:

    pretty bright Snap !!! Wish you that your all hopes stay lighten forever like the “Ray of Hope” in this pic !! 🙂

  2. deep says:

    Thank you very much dear… 🙂

  3. Unbelievable Framing………..

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