A Laxman Bhau

Pusad, 500-600 KM away from Pune. I recently visited this place to attend my roommate Anup’s marriage. Best thing about that marriage was: It was intercast marriage. My happiness was double because first, my friend was going to marry and second, it was intercast marriage. I think, slowly India is going matured and coming out from this bullshit such as religion and cast.  Another important thing was Marathi boy was going to marry to Hindi girl, its sound interesting in Maharashtra right? 🙂 . My one more friend Ashwini who is from UP and also going to marry Marathi girl on 6th Feb  2011 🙂 . Congratulation and Best wishes to Ashwini, Sorry dude I couldn’t able to attend your marriage. Seriously I am not responsible, Please talk to Pranab and Pankil 🙂 .  Ashwini and Anup: You both have to be proud on yourself , You people are going to create new generation of India who will be always thankful to you in future, specially your children 🙂 .

Laxman Bhau, A person who is in this photograph is Laxman Bhau.  I saw him first time when he came to room where I was staying to give hot water. I noticed that he didn’t speak much, only doing thing which was asking. Later I came to know that he is taking care of land on behalf of Anup’s father and farming there.  It’s obvious that all family members are supposed to busy in marriage and this rule is also applied to Laxman Bhau. He was busy all the time and doing something here and there whenever I saw him.

At the end of the day, first time I saw Laman Bhau who was seating idle and relax outside home and burning garbage. But He was cool and taking rest, but again not saying anything and lost within himself.  That moment was so stunning that I couldn’t restrict myself to take his photograph.  I took only one shot and I was sure that I got a kind of shot I was looking.

Many things I like about this photograph:  wrinkles on this face were saying how much experienced he is having, dressing style is showing from where he is belonging, he is seated like typical village person used to seat.  Especially he is reminding me of my grandfather who was crazy about me, He loved me so much that many of my relatives called him as my actual mother 🙂 . My grandfather was having similar dressing and seating style. I am extremely Sorry… grand paa, when you were in need, I couldn’t help you because I was nothing. Today when I am something but you are not in this world anymore 😦 .  A biggest regret I am having is I couldn’t able to tell him that I become first engineer of his whole family 😦 , but really thank you very much ‘Bapa’ for your love and blessing you gave me …. You will be always my HERO 🙂 . I would like to dedicate this photograph to my Grandfather “Sendhabhai Parmar”, Yeh his name is bit different 🙂 .

Date: 6th Feb 2011


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  1. nice portrait the background and surrounding is telling about the situation and life……

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