A Butterfly Effect

Few months before I saw one movie called “A Chaos Theory”.  A Chaos Theory is “ The flapping of a single butterfly’s wing today produces a tiny change in atmosphere, turn into  tornado over a period of time at somewhere else”, and this effect is called A Butterfly Effect . You do not believe right? , or you might have started thinking what the hell Deepak is talking about. But it’s absolutely true. This theory is also applied to our life as well. Irrespective of sensitivity of decision, whatever decision we take in life decides our future.  Your every tiny step is actually a brick of your future home.  I don’t believe there is GOD BHRAMA who has already written our future in one long book 🙂 . It’s WE who make our future.

I have personally experienced it in my life many times. When I look back I am realizing it more. Let me give you one small example. After completing engineering,  Me and My friend Prashant were working in TCS as consultant and earning 6000 rs per month as we both couldn’t able to clear MNC interview 🙂 . One day there was a walk-in of Persistent System in Ahmedabad for 2+ experience people. Friday evening I got this news and I told Prashant that we should try to attend this walk-in. But problem was we both had only 4 months experience, so we were not sure whether we should go there or not as walking was only for 2+ experience people.  Actually primary reason was we both are crazy about cricket, we both took part in TCS inter BU cricket tournament and tournament was also going to start on the day when walk-in was scheduled 🙂 . Next day we were still in doubt, we had long chat over phone and at last we put big stone over our cricket love and decided to take chance. Guess what… we tried and we were selected 🙂 .  I told so many friends about this and some friends also tried but HR didn’t allow them to appear in Interview. I still don’t know actual reason why HR allowed Me and Prashant and didn’t allow others.  I must say Persistent System has played very critical role in my professional career; however I left persistent around one year before 🙂 .  Yep I have already said Persistent has taught me Professionalism so I had to use it 🙂 . That’s why I also believe your decision and attitude comes before your talent. I still don’t think I was talented enough to get selected in Persistent  System at that time and even not sure about today 🙂 .

I caught this Unpredictable beauty in Sinhgadh , If you want to read my Sinhgadh long drive trip then you can read here “Give me some sunsine...”.  I am calling unpredictable beauty because it’s really not easy to predict what would be butterfly’s next move. But I was lucky on that day; I could able to click only once and got this shot. I didn’t want to post this photograph as I wasn’t able catch whole butterfly but still I like this photograph, and this my blog so I can post whatever I want 🙂 .

Date: 4th April 2011


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Deepak Parmar
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4 Responses to A Butterfly Effect

  1. Rakesh says:

    Dipak I am expecting more spontaneous photographs from you…

  2. nice one but some part of the wing is not in frame 😦

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