About Me


I am Deepak Parmar, by profession I am software engineer and working in one MNC at Pune.

I love creative activities like Writing Poetry, Playing Guitar and Photography.

Since childhood I have been big friend of Photography, I still remember that we had one small KODAK Camera when I was child, but my mother never allowed me to use that Camera because I always started taking random picture of any object.  It was very costly business because of multiple reasons, we are from middle class family, having camera was big thing at that time [so my mother was taking extra care 🙂 ], and biggest reason was we can only click 36 photographs per Roll using that camera, so each photograph was very important. Obviously no one will support me :(. So I decided to kill interest towards photography, and understood photography is not my business.

But now we are living in digital world and I am not remained child anymore 🙂 , so can afford this hobby.  I have just started learning photography and few months back I purchased my first digital camera [not DSLR :(, its advance point and shoot CANON Powershot SX 20IS],I thought it would be good if I learn basic things before moving to DSLR.

Your suggestion and comments will provide constant motivation and improvement, so please feel free to express yourself.

Important Note: In the world of Copy-Past,  Please inform me and take permission before using any photograph for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. All Photographs Rights are Reserved 🙂

Contact me on deepakvparmar@gmail.com

– Deepak Parmar


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Alpesh Patel says:

    Hi deep,

    Are you always roam in Half pant.

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