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A Heart Of Heritage

Sometime before I saw photographs of my friend Keyur Chauhan who went on heritage tour of Ahmedabad by walk. After seeing his photographs I felt really bad from inside because when I asked question to myself that what I know … Continue reading

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A Butterfly Effect

Few months before I saw one movie called “A Chaos Theory”.  A Chaos Theory is “ The flapping of a single butterfly’s wing today produces a tiny change in atmosphere, turn into  tornado over a period of time at somewhere … Continue reading

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A Laxman Bhau

Pusad, 500-600 KM away from Pune. I recently visited this place to attend my roommate Anup’s marriage. Best thing about that marriage was: It was intercast marriage. My happiness was double because first, my friend was going to marry and … Continue reading

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The Ray of Hope

To be continued…( Please read post “Just keep walking” first ) As I said before, we lost Rajgadh track and reached the place where we couldn’t go further. Now we started looking around to find actual track. When we couldn’t … Continue reading

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Just Keep Walking…

I love to travel, visit different location and know different culture. Since when I came to Pune I have been fall in love with trekking. Trekking is amazing thing to do. It feels so good when we climb from one … Continue reading

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The Last Day

Hiqh Quality Photograph: Click Here… Few months back I had a long weekend. So I had been to my home town ahmedabad. It was around 4 pm when I was watching a documentry program about Gandhiji on T.V. After watching … Continue reading

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The Foot Print

Date: 26th September 2010, around 6:30 am Location: Diveagar , Maharashtra, India Diveagar, around 200 km from Pune, located in the Konkan region of Maharashtra  has a small beach .  I visited this small beautiful beach with friends recently.  We … Continue reading

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