Give me some sunshine… Give me some rain…

Date : 22nd September 2010,  around 2 pm.

Location: Shinhgadh, Maharashtra, India.

I had holiday because of Ganesh Chaturthi , So I planned to go out with some friends (Me, Prashant, Shailja, Sejal and Shweta) for long drive. Sinhgadh is very ideal location for long drive as it is just 30km away from Pune and located on Hill.  Last time I went to Sinhgadh for trekking, but this time we went directly to Sinhgadh on bike by road. Sinhgadh is very big Shivajj’s fort, last time when I visited I did not go to every spot of this fort due to lack of time. But today we decided that we will find every corner of this fort. There is one corner of Sinhgadh where we can see whole Pune and Khadakwasala dam together. It was awesome place. We sit there and had a Gup-Sup for long time. During this period we took many pictures in group and did many experiments with photography.  I caught this shot using timer, I would say luckily. 🙂

When I saw this photograph after coming back to home, first line came into my mind was “Give me some sunshine… Give me some rain…  Give me some another chance, wanna grownup once again…  :)”

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The Paul Octopus

It was Saturday afternoon; rain had been falling since 5 days. I was having “Gup-Sup” with a roommate (Who says only girls talks a lot 🙂 ). But was getting bored, so I decided to go out and try catching something on camera. Rain was still falling, so I collected required things before leaving room such as dry towel, umbrella (Yes purchased new one just to take snaps in rain 🙂 ), water proof bag, a small dry towel for my specs :), rain coat and obviously camera. My room mate Anup told me that there is a beautiful and big garden called “P.L.Desphande Garden” on Sinhgadh road. So I decided to visit that garden (This is one of the best garden I have seen in Pune, really good place to visit).

When I reached the garden, it’s gate was closed. I saw a small window in the gate; I peeped into it and tried to check whether someone was inside. I saw a woman who was sitting inside a wooden cabin. I waved my hand from the small window, she came near to the gate. I asked permission to enter into the garden, but she replied in marathi “Tu Kontya Jagaat Aahe?” (From which world you are coming? 🙂 ) And showed her wrist watch to me.  Then I realized that, I had gone there at wrong time. But I requested her to talk to any senior person. She said “Me Sahi Vyakti Nahi Aahe…” (I am not right person) and raised her hand towards one office while opening the gate and asked me to go there and take permission.

When I reached the office it was closed. 2-3 labor workers were digging land near the office and I also saw one guy in clean white kurta. I approached him and asked him that I want to take some photographs in rain, don’t know why but he got angry, may be because labors were not doing work properly or what. He said , we cannot allow you to enter in the garden during this time as maintenance work is also going. I tried to convince him many times but he was not reluctant to budge. At last, I decided to go back and started walking towards the exit gate 😦 , suddenly he called me and said, ok you can take photograph but don’t spend more than 15 min. I gave him a big smile and said, “Promise, Only 15 mins” (It is a different thing that I spent more than one hour 🙂 ).

…And here I met “The Paul Octopus” . . .

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Mr. Shy

One Saturday I woke up too late. When I saw outside the window, I felt rain had fallen sometime before. But I got disappointed when I checked time; it was 9 am because mostly all gardens get closed by 10 am. But I thought lets go somewhere and try to find something. After taking breakfast I asked my roommates about new gardens in Pune as I had already visited many gardens which are located around my room. But they didn’t have anything in their mind. Yet I took my camera and kicked my bike with hope 🙂 . I had reached “Matre Bridge” cross road and was waiting for green signal. Suddenly I saw one garden gate which is just near to “Matre Bridge” cross road. I took right and U-turn to reach the garden. But As expected garden was going to close. I asked permission to gatekeeper for only 10 min. don’t know why but gatekeeper gave very weird smile and said yes. I ran into the garden to find something. After searching a lot I found one yellow flower hidden behind many leaves. I just moved away eaves from that flower and my face got happy as I saw many drops on that flower. Drops didn’t evaporate because of those leaves. I took many snaps; above one is one of them,   so… Meet Mr. Shy 🙂

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The Diamond Carpet

I woke up one day and I saw that heavy rain was falling, I saw clock, it was 6:30 am, but my mind was still feeling sleepy so went to bed again. But then suddenly I realized that this is good time to catch drops. I stood up, run and took my camera. Everything happened in one action (even I forgot to brush my teeth 🙂 ). I steered down to ground floor and kicked bike and then one small question came to my mind, where should I go? :). I tried to think a lot to find place but I couldn’t :(. My excitement was over and I stopped bike, while I was parking bike I saw one small garden kind of area surrounded by some banana trees and some other plants just near the parking area. Actually it was not a garden but, long back society people might have tried to develop area where kids can play. But it was not in good shape as people have stopped taking care of it. I thought lets try to find something here. And I met Mr. Diamond Carpet… 🙂

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The Survivor Creeper

The Survivor Creeper

Durshat, 60-70 KM away from Pune. Just around one month before I went to Durshat with IBM project team. It was one day trip, there is one resort called “Nature Trails”. Its really very beautiful place, surrounded by one small river and hills. As I had already started working on “Drops of Life” so I was searching drops in very leaf and flowers, but couldn’t find anything interesting. But when we were coming back after completing Rock climbing activity I saw dirty garbage just near  the entrance of resort, garbage was thrown by tourist as usual 😦 , and one small farm was also there just beside the entrance which was covered by iron wires. And suddenly I saw creeper plant on iron wire very near to garbage. But unfortunately I couldn’t take picture because rain had started and I didn’t have umbrella at that time (My camera is not water proof 🙂 ). After reaching back to resort I took one of my friend’s umbrella and came back to same place to take picture. At last I got above shot….

This is very special shot for me because it’s also showing how nature finds way to live in any condition. It also symbolizes the interaction between nature and unnatural thing.

Please do let me know what you feel 🙂

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The Inspiration Leaf

The Inspiration Leave

It was morning after the first rain fall in Pune, I woke up n went to my balcony. There is one tree just near to my balcony and I saw that every leaves of that tree were so alive and green because of last night’s rain fall. I realized that just one day before those leaves were looking dead now suddenly became alive and fresh. I also saw each leaves having drops of water. The first sentence that came into my mind was “Drops of Life”.

After seeing this beautiful environment I run into room and came back with my camera. I took many pictures.  When I was looking at those pictures I found above picture, and suddenly I thought if one small leaf can look so beautiful then how other leaves of tree and flowers will be looking after rain. So I decided to work on this theme called “Drops of Life”…

I will be posting series of photographs at regular interval on this theme, Please keep passion… 🙂

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